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  March 5, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C.--When USDA released its Dairy Products report on Tuesday (March 2), there was something new: January production of milk protein concentrate (MPC) was reported for the first time, pegged at 7.5 million pounds, which USDA noted was 5.2% greater than MPC production a year ago.

Even though USDA did not report MPC production throughout 2009, the department pegs last year’s total domestic production of MPC at 92.9 million pounds.

MPC imports for 2009 ended the year down 13% on the HTS 0404 category. Combined with casein and other dairy proteins, the totals were at five year lows in 2009. Some contributing factors include: U.S. production of MPC, strength of New Zealand currency relative to the U.S., a lower U.S. powder price compared with the world price, consumers trading down from expensive sports drinks, and New Zealand’s milk production being less than anticipated with reports of periodic idling of casein production last year.


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