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  July 29, 2010

DPAC's funders explain their mission: 'Our futures are tied with those of dairy farmers'

"We know this is not a sprint to the finish line. It is a marathon..."


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Seven companies have stepped forward in a big way to help fund the efforts of the Dairy Policy Action Coalition (DPAC), which was formed last November as a grassroots coalition of dairy producers actively participating in the policies and issues affecting milk pricing. Bernie Morrissey of Morrissey Insurance, Mike, Karl and Scott Sensenig of Sensenig's Feed Mills, Dennis Milhoan of Lancaster Dairy Farm Automation, Alan Graves of Mark Hershey Farms, Chad Burkholder of Binkley & Hurst, Charlie Hoober of Hoober Inc., and Amos Stoltzfoos of E-Zee Milking Equipment tell why. DPAC is a national organization that got its start in Pennsylvania. More than 40 other agribusinesses and producer organizations have also provided one-time donations ranging from $50 to $5000, and individual dairy producers from 11 states have also contributed. DPAC's 20-member board of directors includes dairy producers from Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York, with adhoc members on action groups from other states in the Southeast and Midwest.



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