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  June 10, 2010

On May 3, Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) and Rep. Tim Holden (D-PA) sent a letter to the Chair and Ranking Member of both the Senate and House Ag Appropriations Subcommittees asking for funding to implement Daily Electronic Reporting in the Ag Appropriations bill. The next two to three weeks are critical as this bill is written. There is no bill number to track here. It is simply a request that Congress make good on Section 1510 of the current Farm Bill by providing the funding for what it has already given the authority for USDA to implement. The cost is $1 million. The letter sent May 3 to the Ag Appropriations Subcommittees garnered signatures from at least five Senators and 19 House members in more than 10 states, a number which may have grown since the letter was sent.

Trouble is... the Ag Committees are authorizing committees, but the Ag Appropriations Subcommittees will decide if this funding is to be included in the fiscal 2011 appropriations bill. This is why it is so important to contact the specific lawmakers who are on Ag Appropriations in the Senate and House.

DPAC is issuing a call to action to dairy farmers and organizations across the country to look at this list of Ag Appropriations Committee members and if they represent your state or your legislative district, please call their office and let them know how important Daily Electronic Reporting is as the cornerstone of much needed change in the dairy industry. 

Download the Congressional letter, and mail or email it to the Senator or Congressman's office. Be sure to key-in on two main points: 1) You are asking for the funding to be included in the Ag Appropriations bill currently being written so that section 1510 of the current Farm Bill can be implemented by USDA; and 2) You are asking your Senator or Representative to realize how important it is that this electronic product price reporting be implemented by USDA as DAILY reporting, not weekly surveys, and that the auditing is quarterly, not annual.

You can also use the many resources available on the DPAC website if you are sending a letter or email and can reference the information in a phone call to your Senator or Representative's office.

DPAC thanks the individual dairy producers and organizations who have already joined us in this effort to make sure Daily Electronic Reporting is included in the Ag Appropriations bill.

The next few weeks are critical.



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