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  July 19, 2010

June production up 2.7%; Second quarter shows production shifts

Milk production in the 23 major States during June totaled 15.2 billion
pounds, up 2.7% from a year ago. The USDA milk production report was released July 19 for June (23-states) and the second quarter (50-states). The report also revised May's production upward by 40 million pounds (0.3%) to 15.8 billion pounds for the month, which was 1.5% higher than May 2009.

Production per cow averaged 1,816 pounds for June (60.5 lbs/cow/day), which is up by 2.25 lbs/cow/day from June 2009. The number of milk cows on farms in the 23 major States was 8.35 million head, down 87,000 head from year ago, but 10,000 head more than the previous month.

Second Quarter: April-June Milk Production up 1.7%

Milk production in the U.S. during the April - June quarter totaled 49.7
billion pounds, up 1.7% from the same quarter last year. The average number of milk cows in the U.S. over those three months was 9.11 million head--151,000 head less than the same period last year.

In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Pennsylvania held steady on milk production for the quarter despite losing 9,000 cows compared with second quarter of 2009. New York held steady on milk production despite losing 13,000 cows. The New England States gained almost 1% in milk production and lost 2,000 cows.

Total milk production in the Southeastern states for the second quarter of 2010 fell 9.5% below the same quarter a year ago. Cow tallies for the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas--combined--represented a loss of 23,000 cows from the region. This includes the gain of 5,000 cows in Georgia; however Georgia's production was off 1.9% despite the gain in cow numbers.

California milked an 67,000 fewer cows during the April-June period compared with a year ago, and produced nearly 2% less milk.

The Southwestern states milked 78,000 fewer cows in the second quarter compared with a year ago. Production losses in the region were pegged at 9% below year ago in Colorado, 4.5% below year ago in New Mexico, and 3.7% below year ago in Texas.

The Northwestern states milked 9,000 more cows. Washington state's production was up 6.6% over year ago. Oregon was 2.5% higher and Idaho was 3% above year ago.

In the Midwest and Mideast: Wisconsin milked 5,000 more cows with production up 5.6%. Minnesota and Indiana each reported 2,000 more cows and production up 2.4% and 1.2% respectively. Iowa and Illinois were up less than 1%. Michigan had 1,000 more cows and 3.5% more production. In Ohio, producers milked 7,000 fewer cows, but total production was 1.3% higher.


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