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  June 4, 2010

Ital cheese

This graph, available at the Univ. of Wisconsin Understanding Dairy Markets website, illustrates how Italian cheese production has really ramped up since last October and especially into 2010. The category is poised to surpass the American-style cheddar/colby category after 2009 production brought the two cheese categories neck-and-neck in production totals. What does this tell us about the need for expanded price reporting of more products? Below is the 2009 dairy production totals as reported by USDA on May 3, 2010:


Total cheese production, excluding cottage cheeses, was 10.1 billion pounds, 2.0 percent above 2008 production. Wisconsin was the leading State with 26.0 percent of the production, followed by California with 20.4 percent and Idaho with 8.2 percent.

American type cheese (cheddar/colby) production was 4.20 billion pounds, 2.3 percent above 2008 and accounted for 41.6 percent of total cheese in 2009. Wisconsin was the leading State with 20.2 percent of production, followed by Idaho with 16.0 percent and California with 15.3 percent.

Italian varieties, with 4.18 billion pounds were 1.4 percent above 2008 production and accounted for 41.4 percent of total cheese in 2009. Mozzarella accounted for 78.2 percent of the Italian production followed by Provolone with 8.3 percent and Ricotta with 5.9 percent. Wisconsin was the leading State in Italian cheese production with 29.5 percent of the production, followed by California with 29.1 percent and New York with 9.1 percent

Butter production in the United States during 2009 totaled 1.57 billion pounds, 4.3 percent below 2008. California was the leading state in butter production and accounted for 33.1 percent of the production, followed by Pennsylvania with 5.0 percent.

Ice cream, Regular totaled 920 million gallons, down 1.1 percent from 2008. Lowfat ice cream, at 381 million gallons, was down 0.6 percent.

Nonfat dry milk for human food totaled 1.51 billion pounds, down 0.7 percent. California was the leading state with 55.2 percent of the production. Skim milk powders totaled 222 million pounds, down 40.6 percent.

Dry whey for human food production, at 951 million pounds, was down 7.2 percent. Lactose, Human and Animal production was 723 million pounds, down 3.1 percent.

Dairy Plants: During 2009, there were 1,178 dairy plants in the U.S. manufacturing one or more dairy products, 53 more than in 2008.

Source: "Dairy Products 2009 Summary," Da 2-1(10), National Agricultural Statistics Service,

Agricultural Statistics Board, USDA.



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