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  August 4, 2010

A major lobbying effort by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) late Tuesday night trumped hundreds, if not thousands, of phone calls from dairy producers and related agribusiness owners across the country asking Senators for “daily,” not weekly, electronic reporting in the Agriculture Committee mark up of Senate Bill 3656 (Mandatory Price Reporting Act of 2010) on Wednesday morning.

A main reason for IDFA’s opposition to “daily” reporting is they say such reporting would not give any new information to justify the cost.

But, according to economic analysis reported by USDA to its Dairy Industry Advisory Committee in June, “daily” electronic reporting of dairy product prices would cost processors a mere $381 per plant per year to implement.

The cost to the federal government is about $1 million a year to implement “daily” electronic reporting for dairy, mainly because the Farm Bill section authorizing it also calls for more frequent audits of the information. This is “peanuts” compared with the billions and trillions that have the federal deficit going out of control.

DPAC will continue to work with Senate Ag Appropriations Committee as their bill also contains reference to Dairy Price Reporting, and there are still opportunities for amendments to S. 3656 on the Senate floor.

For more information about IDFA's reasons for opposing this common sense implementation of Section 1510 of the 2008 Farm Bill, read their news release posted Monday at "Perishable News."  


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