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  April 15, 2010

DPAC welcomes NY dairyman to board

EPHRATA, Pa.--Bryan Gotham, St. Lawrence County, NY, was elected to the DPAC board at the April 9 meeting by teleconference. Charter board member Sheryl Vanco, Warren County, Pa., resigned her position with DPAC after she received a presidential appointment to the state USDA FSA Advisory Committee. Gotham replaces Vanco on the DPAC board.

Gotham and his brothers and parents, operate a 700-cow dairy near Hermon, NY. He refers to himself as "a former member of the silent majority" -- a name he coined for the bulk of dairy producers in the U.S. who work the fields and take care of the cows and refrain from active participation in the political process... until now. Gotham has spent the past year and a half cultivating relationships with NY lawmakers at the state and federal levels. He has made a few trips to Wash. D.C. to meet with congressional leaders, and last year helped initiate the U.S. Dairy Farmers and Friends network based in the Empire State. He traveled to Lancaster, Pa. last month to attend the DPAC board's meeting and milk pricing workshop, and he has been involved in phone conference meetings of the milk pricing action group.


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