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  March 5, 2010

DPAC lobbying efforts in Washington have been focused on the sections of the current Farm Bill that would improve price discovery--namely the electronic reporting called for in section 1510 of the Farm Bill's dairy title. DPAC believes electronic reporting is the cornerstone of current and future dairy policy because it would reduce and eventually eliminate the influence of a thinly-traded CME cheese "market" on the farm milk price.

The board and its action groups have also been working on other long term policy positions. The milk pricing action group has planned a workshop for the DPAC board next week in conjunction with the board's regular business meeting. There will be two panel discussions and input from dairymen representing other regions of the country (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and West).

Responses from the DPAC dairy producer survey will also be reported at the board meeting. (Deadline for taking the survey available here at the website is extended to March 8 for inclusion in this report to the DPAC board).

The purpose of the board's workshop on milk pricing is to come out of the meeting with items that have total agreement, items that have consensus but not total agreement, and areas of policy the board is unsure of and/or wants more information about.

The workshop portion of the DPAC board meeting next week will also serve to launch the coalition's supply management action group named last month.

If you haven't already taken the DPAC dairy producer survey, please do before you leave our website today!



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